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I’ve never seen an ugly girl. You’re all fantastically beautiful and unique. I’d draw every one of you if I could! So shut any self hate off right now.

Girls you’re all banging beautiful badasses.

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My second time using Jamberry Nail Wraps and I have to say it went much smoother than the first time.

These are my current nails. The plain black polish is a color by Maybelline and the Glitter is by Zoya! I then accented with the Jamberry that the wonderful Stephanie Morris sent me!

To use them is really very simple. First you clean your nail. Then you use a cuticle tool to push back the cuticle. Next you heat the strip you wish to apply with a hair dryer. A few seconds does the trick. Then you apply and smooth out any bumps. The cuticle tool works well for this as well! Then I reapplied the heat a little and applied some pressure. Then cut the excess and file downward to remove any excess.

Jamberry promises a few weeks of wear with no chipping so I’ll post an update in a few days for comparison.

But I am IN LOVE with my new at home mani!

To buy check out Stephanie’s store:

One sheet does SEVERAL manicures!!



For this look all you need is an eyeliner (liquid or gel eyeliner is best) and a mascara for a fuller look. follow this tutorial correctly and you’ll find applying a great cat eye look easy. 


A surprise from my mother for my birthday!

Ocean salt. I just used this and wow, my face feels so amazing, fresh, and I can smell this lovely product.

I’ll use this every so often between my uses of my philosophy’s purity wash!

I miss this product so much


Love that green!